Do you have a troublesome dog?
Do you need Graeme’s help?
Do you live near to one of Graeme’s tour venues?

Graeme is inviting ONE dog to join him on stage*.
This is an incredible chance for your dog to have one on one time with The Dogfather Live!


Points to consider before you apply:

  • Will your dog cope in front of a LIVE audience?
  • Is your dog NON-aggressive?
  • Do you live near to one of Graeme’s tour venues and are you able to visit for a short time during his live show?

If you’d like the chance to meet Graeme Hall LIVE at one of his tour dates, please email giving the following information:

Your Name, telephone number and Venue choice.


Your Dogs Breed.


Your Dogs Age.


Description of problem.


Additional Info.

*Please Note: This will not form part of the show at every venue.


Successful participants will be notified via telephone and email.

Participants will not be able to watch the show as dogs will not be allowed in the auditorium, however we will offer a pair of tickets to another location if possible.

Arrival time to be arranged via the tour manager.

Only ONE dog per venue will be invited to join Graeme on stage.

If you already have tickets to any Dogfather Live tour date – please DO NOT bring your dog as you will not be permitted entry to the venue.